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Textile and Apparel Major (check the university catalog for prerequisites)

Textile & Apparel Requirements: (45 hours credit total)

Required Courses: (Each course 3 credits unless noted; former course numbers noted in parentheses)

bulletTEXDSGN 1001 (31T:020) Introduction to the Textile and Apparel Industry
bulletTEXDSGN 1002 (31T:013) Introduction to Textile Materials
bulletTEXDSGN 1003 (31T:012) Creative Textile and Apparel Design Foundations
bulletTEXDSGN 2004 (31T:116) History of Costume
bulletTEXDSGN 2006 (31T:011) Computer Textile and Apparel Design Foundations  (Prerequisite(s): TEXDSGN 1002)
bulletTEXDSGN 2007 (31T:014) Apparel Evaluation (Prerequisite(s): TEXDSGN 1003 &  1002)
bulletTEXDSGN 3008 (31T:100) Computer Applications for Textile and Apparel Industry (Prerequisite(s): TEXDSGN 2006)
bulletTEXDSGN 3009 (31T:123) Textile Structures (Prerequisite(s): TEXDSGN 1002)
bulletTEXDSGN 3010 (31T:124 ) Quality Assurance in Textiles and Apparel (Prerequisite(s): TEXDSGN 1002)
bulletTEXDSGN 3011 (31T:119) Fashion Trend Analysis (Prerequisite(s): TEXDSGN 1001)
bulletTEXDSGN 3012 (31T:122) Apparel Product Development and Design (Prerequisite(s): TEXDSGN 2007)
bulletTEXDSGN 3013 (31T:185) Professional Development: Textile and Apparel (2 credits) (Prerequisite(s): TEXDSGN 2007 & 4016)
bulletTEXDSGN 4015/5015 (31T:114g) Dress and Human Behavior (Prerequisite(s): junior standing)
bulletTEXDSGN 4016/5016 (31T:115g) Apparel Product Development,Merchandising, and Buying (Prerequisite(s): 31T:020; junior standing)
bulletTEXDSGN 4195 (31T:195) Internship (4 credits)

*Select 3 hours from the following:

bulletTEXDSGN 1017 (31T:015) Multicultural Aspects of Apparel Design
bulletTEXDSGN 2005 (31T:121) Fashion Promotion
bulletTEXDSGN 4184/5184 (31T:184g) Topics in Textile and Apparel (Prerequisite(s): junior standing)

Business Requirements
: (12 hours credit total)

920:024     Introduction to Economics*
130:101     Principles of Marketing

*FOR CURRENT AND FORMER MARKETING MAJORS ONLY- Can substitute 920:053 - Principles of Macro-Economics (must fill out appropriate form for substitution)

Select 6 hours from the following:

120:030 Principles of Financial Accounting
130:106 Consumer Behavior
130:166 Retailing
130:191 Marketing Strategies
150:153 Organizational Management


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Total Hours in Major 60 credit hours
Liberal Arts Core 44 credit hours
Elective Hours 16 credit hours
Hours needed to graduate 120 credit hours